How to: Feel Hot The Right Way

For most of the world the advent of April means a time to shed those winter layers and to embrace the spring sunshine. For us in India sadly, it is a time to start heading towards the shade. As the mercury climbs towards the forties, most of us begin to dread heading outdoors, let alone having to get all dressed up and party! Dripping makeup, those embarrassing sweat stains, frizzy hair and fabric sticking to your already hot and itchy skin – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But don’t sweat it, we’ll keep you looking cool no matter how hot it gets!

Lose the Layers

A little science-y fact: layers trap air between each other that acts as an insulator. For instant cool, try wearing a look that has as few overlapping layers as possible. Not only will your outfit feel lighter, but less layers mean you’ll be fuss free throughout the day, leaving your hands with plenty of room to grab a cool refreshment.

Light Natural Fabrics

This is a bit of a no-brainer really – light fabrics keep you cooler, but it’s sometimes a challenge to strike the right light-weight/heavy-looking outfit balance that summer weddings require. We love the cool and breezy feel that silk or chiffon give, and, when paired with light delicate embroidery, will keep you looking hot without feeling it.

Light colours

Whoever said science and fashion don’t go hand-in-hand never heard of a little (long) world called thermodynamics: white and lighter colours reflect radiation and heat away from the body. So pack the black, ditch those jewel tones, and focus on pastels and bright hues this summer.