Travel Edit: Be a Glamorous Traveller

It is finally holiday time! And the team at Stage 3 is super excited! Between us we are going to: The US, Italy, London, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok! That’s thousands of miles and time differences covered by one small team.

With all the drama over what to pack, how to pack, travel, time differences etc, we’ve decided to extend our Travel Edit to include our top travel tips. The first, and most important topic: Jet Lag!

How many times have you spent the first day of your holiday unable to stay awake, or first night tossing and turning unable to fall asleep? We have – and with the days of extended holidays behind his, this pretty much makes the first day of our holiday null and void.

Jet lag 2

Going East:

One of the hardest things about flying eastwards is to try to stay awake once you get to your destination.

  • As much as that amazingly fluffy hotel bed may call out to you – step away from it. Try having a cold shower to wake you up, or just splash some water on your face
  • On of the best tips to stay awake is to keep yourself in natural sunlight – spend the day outdoors, it will help your body clock adjust faster.
  • Stay hydrated. Whilst coffee may give you a quick pick up, it will also dehydrate you, and most likely give you a headache.

jetlag quote

Going West:

Flying westwards gives you the opposite problem: how to fall asleep, or risk spending the next day in a daze.

  • Have a hot glass of milk. This old wives’ tale is actually based on science. The calcium in the milk helps you relax, and the tryptophan is converted to serotonin that can make you feel sleepy.
  •  Melatonin is naturally released by the brain to make you sleepy. Likewise, a small dose (5mg) will make you sleepy. Just check with a doctor before taking it – it doesn’t agree with everyone. Alternatively you can eat foods that are high in melatonin like bananas, oranges and tomatoes.
  • Sleep in a freezing cold, dark room – close those curtains, grab an eye mask and crank up the AC. When we sleep, our body starts to cool off. The cold room helps your body to get to a lower temperature, which is key to helping you fall asleep.

Jetlag 1

Stay tuned next week, as share our top 10 packing tips.

Love it? Like it? Hate it? Tell us!

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