So here’s the honest truth – I am absolutely useless when it comes to travelling light – I just can’t seem to consolidate my packing to fit into a hold-all, or at least, not one that I can carry (enter hubby). Of course I am frightfully optimistic about my ability to, so like with all things, I decided that the only way for me to do so was to buy the perfect hold all, and then to try.

Now that I have the holdall, I had to set my self a challenge: Pack for 1 weekend, in 1 bag that I can carry all by my self:The pieces:

10 Items5 Looks3 Days1 Weekend

  1. Gunmetal Sequin jacket by Rohit and Rahul
    A dressy jacket is the perfect piece for any holiday. Not only does it instantly dress up a day look, but it also keeps you warm against those evening chills.
  1. Black and bronze floral necklace by Blinked
    A statement necklace is an absolute must. Pick one that will go with all of your items, and throw it on for a little glam. Statement neck pieces are also great for those evenings when you want to dress up without putting on the heels.
  1. Black Tank top 
    Forget the LBD, its all about the LBT (Little Black Tank). Wear it part tucked in at night with your favourite jeans and a pair of heels, or loose with a pair of sandals.
  2. Your favourite Jeans
    Forget your skinny day jeans, and instead go for your most comfortable go-to pair. Play around with the hem, roll them, cuff them, let them loose, heals, flats or even barefoot – jeans are the most versatile item you can travel with.
  1. Gold clutch by Amethyst
    Again, and instant lifter. This gold woven clutch goes equally well with a pair of jeans or a dress.
  2. Palazzo Pants by Veda Raheja
    Stay on trend with these palazzo pants by Veda Raheja. Super comfortable and cool, you’ll find these a perfect pair to take with you anywhere.
  1. Crop top by Veda Raheja
    A holiday is a great time to try out the crop top trend – plus its also teeny tiny, so easy to pack!
  1. Tan leather slippers 
    Neutral, comfortable, easy – like every pair of great footwear should be. Genius.
  1. White tank top 
    Like its black counterpart, a simple clean tank top is an absolute must for any holiday. Wear it tied up, tucked, loose – the possibilities are endless.
  1. Bronze cork wedges
    Wedges are a great alternative to stilettos on any holiday. Light weight and comfortable, they will keep you dancing well into the night. Try to find a pair with cork, so they’ll be lighter to carry too.

The Outfits:


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