Wedding: The Ultimate Looks for the Perfect BFF!

blog cover-Bffs Step this way

Being a Bride’s BFF is no easy task. Not only do you have to deal with all those bridezilla moments, but you have to be up front and center when it comes to the dances, the mehendi, helping your BFF get ready, and making sure that you are the last one standing every night! Striking that chic yet comfortable vibe is key to surviving your BFF’s wedding in style.

The Mehendi:

Mehendis – usually symbolized by women trying to juggle their handbags, a drink and their mehendi decorated hands without getting anything on their clothes – are probably one of the most significant and poignant days for a bride. As a BFF however, you are probably going to be running after the bride, holding her drinks, food and otherwise helping in anyway she wants; so you need an outfit that is easy and breezy like this asymmetrical peach kurta with gold dhoti pants by Ridhima Bhasin. Style it with a pop of bright lipstick and some traditional earrings to be the ultimate fuss free friend.


 The Sangeet:

Whilst for many the sangeet is a time to drink and be merry, as a BFF its about getting on that stage and dancing. And dancing and dancing. And for that, you need a look that is going to dance a long with you. Sangeet’s are traditionally bright and colourful, so pick a colour that will help you stand out – like this fuchsia and orange laheria lehenga by Anju Modi. Light weight and easy to wear, this look will certainly help you dance the night away in style. Wear it with a statement traditional necklace and earrings, or earrings and a matching maang tikka and get ready to rock it.


The Wedding:

A BFF’s role is never done, or so the saying should say. Grab some concealer and hide away those dark circles – because you have just one day left of wedding duty – and it’s the day that your Bride BFF will need you the most. To help make sure you don’t disappoint you need the perfect outfit – one that can take you from posing for pictures to stealing the shoes in minutes. With most day weddings, colour is key – but make sure you strike a balance so that you don’t outshine the bride or blind the other guests! We love this orange and gold lehenga with a cape by Ridhima Bhasin. It’s elegant, subtle and yet beautifully detailed. Wear it with your favourite gold earrings, or perhaps a contrasting pop of colour like a red, and you are all set to go.


Stay tuned, as we turn our focus on Massis and Mums in our next post.

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