Party Season Styling Guide

It’s time to let your hair down because December is here. Take out those party dresses and your high-heels, black eyeshadow and red lipstick, chunky bangles and big gold hoops. And if you can’t decide how to pair it all up, allow our stylists to guide you.


Dress To Kill

“You can never go wrong with a black dress, but even bright bursts of unexpected colors like royal blue, red, fuchsia or orange can really stand out too,” explains Neeharika, a stylist with Stage 3, “Also, a little sparkle never hurt anyone so don’t be afraid to pick dresses with sequins or adorned buttons for an extra bit of glam.”


Make Your Make-Up Stand Out

“It’s all about creating the right balance,” says Aparna, a stylist with Stage 3, “Keep it simple during the day! Just a nude lip shade and some eyeliner. For the night, it’s good to focus on only one aspect rather than all. For instance, if you’re wearing a red lip color, I suggest you don’t use anything else on your face except some eyeliner, whereas if you’re wearing smoky make-up on your eyes, go with a nude lip color.”


Accessorize The Right Way

“Give a chance to your favorite walkable heels, the softest shoulder bag, and the sassiest earrings this New Year’s Eve,” shares Anmol, a stylist with Stage 3, “A beaded evening bag or a long tassel necklace can really accentuate a plain black dress, while a matching crystal earring and necklace set adds some serious style to a sequined top.”

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