New Year. New Way To Do It.

Start of a new year gives us all a chance to hit the reset button. To wipe the slate clean and start afresh. From the food we eat and the work we do to the relationships we are in and the thoughts we focus on, everything is open to change, including the way we dress and how that makes us feel. Owning/ hoarding is the old way of thinking. Renting/ experiencing more is the new way. The more practical and sustainable way.

IMG SRC: Refinery29

Closet Space: Everyday, more and more people are moving to big cities, leaving us with tiny living spaces and even tinier closet space. This new year, make room for the essentials. Own less, rent more.

IMG SRC: Mrs2be

Act of Convenience: With a mountain of work to finish, groceries to buy and an hour long commute back to the suburbs, who has the time or the mind-space to plan outfits for the next family wedding or even a friend’s house-party. Take the load off. Give renting a chance.


Democratizing Fashion: Forget, ‘I can’t afford that dress’. Make 2017 the year where you are the best dressed at every party. Get comfortable with beautiful, extravagant and expensive clothing, and have that experience not just for a day but everyday. Rent is the new buy.

Visit and start renting today!

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