5 Great Ways To Hide That Holiday Weight

You promised yourself you won’t get tempted. December was going to be all about kale salads, protein shakes and a 5km run each morning. Instead, it became about gorgeous eggs and ham for breakfast, mason jars full of mulled wine at house parties, and turning off the alarm and cozying up in a warm blanket in the morning.

Now your favorite pair of jeans don’t fit and you’re feeling kind of blue. But thank god for winters. Hide all that post holiday weight with scarves, coats and more.


Add Some Weight To Your Hair: You can add volume to your hair around the crown area by teasing the roots and spraying them with hairspray. This extra height will give the impression of a longer and more narrow face.

Elastic Waistlines: Is the zipper on your pants being a relentless monster? Time to say yes to stretchy pants. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and will fit you like a dream.


Bring Out The Scarves: Can’t get enough of blanket scarves? That’s good. Use scarves as your invisibility cloak this winter. Pair them up with some stylish pants and jackets, and you’ve found yourself an ideal winter wardrobe.

Smaller Patterns: Large-print dresses make a person look not only stuffed but also older so we suggest you stick to smaller patterns this winter.


Long Sleeves: This winter, make dresses and shirts with long-sleeves your favorite companion. Reason being exposed skin draws attention while long sleeves give the illusion of long lines, making your arms look slender.

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