3 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Clothes This Wedding Season!

Picture this – you’ve nearly spent a month’s salary to buy new outfits for a close friend’s wedding. Six months later, you pull them out for a family gathering and realize that you can no longer wear them because either the wine stains won’t come off or the zari embroidery has lost its shine or…

Don’t stress. Here are three simple ways of preserving your cherished outfits so they never ever lose their shine.

Woman's hands holding clothes label with cleaning instructions.

1. Cleaning

The key to maintaining your garments is by keeping them as clean as possible, especially if they have food or perspiration stains since they have a tendency to attract moths and insects. But make sure that you read the instruction on the care label before washing any of your garments. For instance, for Indian clothes with intricate embroidery and detailing, we suggest the pieces are dry-cleaned using a special technique wherein the ornamentation is covered with net.


2. Quick-fix

One great way of removing fresh food stains from a garment is to use lime, which instantly removes the stain. You may also make use of stain pens or markers to remove food stains immediately.


3. Storing

Storing your embroidered clothing in white soft mal-mal fabric or keeping butter paper over it ensures that the embroidery does not get ruined or blacken over time. Plus, folding your heavy Indian outfits such as lehengas and anarkalis is a much better way to store them over hanging them in the closet, whereas for knitted and silk jersey outfits, we suggest you store them flat as they tend to hang or lose shape if they are placed on a hanger.

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