Confessions of a Fashion Addict

Sanyogita dressed in an Anju Modi outfit

Meet Sanyogita Kataria, a 20-year-old college student and a fashion addict from Delhi, who dreams of having a walk-in closet bigger than Carrie Bradshaw’s. “My sister and I absolutely love ZARA, which is our go-to brand for everyday wear. But after splurging on western-wear, I’m hardly left with the motivation or the resources to buy Indian-wear (which I have to admit, I hardly wear),” shares Sanyogita, who discovered Stage3 through Nikita, her favorite fashion stylist and sister.

Nikita wearing a Raw Mango sari

This discovery saved her from looking plain Jane at a big fat Indian wedding and also, “I didn’t end up spending an enormous amount of money on a piece of clothing I would wear maybe twice in my life. I had earlier seen websites/ apps with a similar concept, but what made me order from Stage3 was their amazingly beautiful collection of high-end designer-wear at an affordable price,” explains Sanyogita, who instantly fell in love with Anju Modi’s screen printed chiffon dhoti skirt paired with a jacket crop top that fit her like a dream.

Nikita and Sanyogita

“My sister picked a gorgeous hand-woven sari from Raw Mango and both our outfits looked exactly like the outfits shown in the photos (online shopping often goes wrong when the clothes look different from the pictures). They were comfortable to dance in to our favorite Bollywood numbers and everyone complemented us on our choice of outfits,” says Sanyogita, who is soon traveling to Goa for another wedding and, “I hope to rock Stage3 again this time.”

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