5 Non-Cheesy Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If the pressure of buying or receiving roses, red balloons and heart-shaped cupcakes makes you cringe, then here are 5 fun and unconventional ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.


1. Have a group date at your house

Skip going to a restaurant or a cafe this Valentine’s and throw a little party at your house. Invite your date and close friends (both single and couples), get together and cook yourselves a feast, drink some wine, and watch your favorite film at home.


2. Go to the park with your favorite person in the world

Wake him up, put him on a leash and go to the nearest park for some sun, snacks and quality time with your dog. And you never know, you might just run into the dog-lover of your dreams.

3. Give an alternative bouquet

Roses are too generic. Give them a rest this Valentine’s and surprise her with a potted plant, a bonsai or even a candy bouquet, and if you’re good with crafts, make her a flower bouquet using origami.


4. Plan a movie marathon with your bestie

Make a list of all the films you and your best friend want to watch, download them two days in advance, stock up on chips and dips, and you’re all set for a perfect Valentine’s Day.


5. Do nothing

Think of it as just another day and instead of trying too hard, perhaps you could spend the day being a couch potato and watching your favorite shows on Netflix or soaking in the bathtub with some great music in the background or doing absolutely nothing.

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