5 Unsaid Things Every Bridesmaid Must Know

An ideal bridesmaid is a style guru, zen monk, professional cake taster, time traveller and seamstress all rolled into one. So if your best friend is getting married soon and you’re the official bridesmaid, here’s a list of things you must remember.


1. Be prepared to handle last minute wedding drama

Yeah, drama. There will be lots of it. Caterer will get late, the flight carrying all the uncles and aunts will get delayed, the bride will chip her fingernail and… So remember to inhale and exhale, and handle the drama with care and ninja-esque skill.


2. Remember to pay attention

To the bride. Her family. The groom. His family. So basically, everyone.

3. Avoid complaining to other bridesmaids

Even when things get hard. Even if you want to bolt. Don’t complain to other bridesmaids because the bride will end up hearing about it, and it will only cause unnecessary drama.spa_bridal_shower

4. Remember to throw an awesome party

Give the bride and all your friends a chance to loosen up a bit by throwing an amazing party a few days before the wedding madness begins. Trust us, she (the bride) will thank you for it later.

5. Make sure you don’t get drunk on the wedding day

Remember to not have too many glasses of wine or shots of tequila. Be mindful of your alcohol intake on the day of the wedding and remember not to get drunk.

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