Stage3 Takes Cyber Hub by Storm

Picture this: A cool summer evening, the grand buzz of a place like Circus in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon and the funnest dress-up party of the season with some wine, nail-paint, music, gossip, fashion advice, live videos shot by Shopwati, lots of giggles and of course, selfies. Add to that, VIP access to our latest collection by the awesome Anushree Reddy, Manika Nanda, Simran Arya and more.

28-year-old Maia Sethna (of, who runs a travel company during the week, and spends her weekends writing about fashion, travel and wellness, loved the vibe of the place. “I think renting is a pretty cool concept since you get to pick beautiful clothes without spending a bomb on them, especially during the wedding season,” says Maia, who studied Drama and English Literature from the UK.

“I’d say this is a pretty clever setting, considering so many people come to Cyber Hub after work or for lunch,” says engineer turned fashion model and blogger Sakshi Gupta (of Sakshi Gupta Official), who likes Stage3 because, “It gives women easy access to beautiful and expensive designer-wear clothes. Women love to have their pictures taken and now with Stage3, they can dress their best and have the world see them for who they are.”

Anmol Bhatia (of, a model and a fitness, beauty and fashion blogger, studying applied arts from the Delhi College of Arts, looked stunning at the event and loved that, “People here are having such a lovely time talking about everything from fashion to accessorizing and so much more,” shares Amnol.

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