How To Best Dress Your Body Type

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and its very important to flatter each body type. Don’t know which body type you fall into? Don’t worry and read on!


For those of you whose torso and upper body is smaller than your hips, you have this body type. Since the main aim is to draw attention away from your lower part of the body and towards the upper part, we suggest you wear bright colored tops with prints, and darker colored bottoms.

Avoid light, pale and ‘washed look’ jeans that may have the worn look around the upper leg and body section as this will draw the eye to this area. A-line skirts and dresses work best for this body type as well as fitted dresses, all of which would highlight problem areas like your hips and thighs.


If your hips and bust are proportionate with a narrow waist, you fall under the hourglass body type. Women, who have this body type, are considered to be very lucky as they have the curves in all the right places!

For tops and blouses, we suggest you avoid high necklines as they draw attention away from the waist and would make you look busty. Instead, opt for V-necklines and crow necks. Look for high-rise shorts and combine them with a tight top or blouse that you tuck in. And opt for pencil skirts for maximum appeal. You can even go for peplum dresses, which are extremely fashionable and will work perfectly for you.


If your bust and hips are approximately the same width and you do not have a well-defined waist, you belong to this body type. Use strong blocks of color to define your body. Do not go for straight or shapeless garments; instead, go for A-line, tube and shirt dresses. If you have extremely thin legs, go for very tight fit or super skinny jeans/ shorts to volumize your lower body. Layering is also another technique for you to add volume to your body.

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