Interesting Women Doing Interesting Things: Maia Sethna

Meet Maia Sethna, dressed in her Stage3 favorites. Interior Design Enthusiast. Fashion and Wholesome Food Lover. Wellness and Fitness Buff. Devoted Traveller.

Maia in a Manika Nanda Emerald Green Short Dress

How do you divide your time between working for a successful travel company and being a fashion, wellness & lifestyle blogger?

I enjoy doing both so much that I would absolutely hate to pick just one. Dividing my time between both usually means waking up super early and shooting before I go into work, or spending the weekends working on fashion assignments, but it’s worth it!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is an exquisite form of art… art that you get to wear! It is a way of letting the world know, who you are or how you feel. Fashion or clothing is more than just utility and comfort for me; it’s a way of expressing my identity and having a lot of fun. 

Maia in a Deme by Gabriella Black Lace Gown

What are some of your favorite brands that you’ve enjoyed blogging about?

I recently shot for Maya by Maya Parikh; her collection is beautiful, delicate and elegant. I also shot a fabulous peach and gold lehenga by Preeti S. Kapoor and a gorgeous black sheer lace gown for Deme by Gabriella.

What are some of your favorite locations where you got to shoot?

I absolutely loved shooting at Camelot, which is a beautiful bungalow and interior’s shop, Kemps Corner, Mumbai. Also thoroughly enjoyed shooting at textile store, Cottons and Satins by Mala. They have a store in Delhi and Mumbai. I absolutely love shooting outdoors in natural light as well.

Maia in a Preeti S. Kapoor Lehenga

Tell us about some of the creative people who inspire you?

I am absolutely amazed by the genius Lebanese designer, Zuhair Murad’s incredible designs. I have also recently found myself fascinated with interior design and follow the British interior and furniture designer, Rose Uniacke’s work.

Indian fashion designers like Tarun Tahiliani, Sabyasachi Mukherji, Payal Singal and Manish Malhotra (to name a few) produce the most glamorous & awe-inspiring pieces. 

Maia in a Manika Nanda Emerald Green Short Dress

In addition to travel and fashion, what are some of your other interests?

I am a wellness and fitness buff. I am not obsessive by any means, but do enjoy trying out new classes and techniques. I recently experimented with aerial silks, and found it is A LOT harder than it looks! Additionally I love preparing home cooked meals, with fresh, local, nutritious ingredients. I absolutely love spending some time unwinding after a busy day with rejuvenating scented candles (my guilty pleasure!) like Diptyque’s Tuberose or Jasmin.

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