Moms in Fashion: Nandita Abraham

Meet Nandita Abraham, Chief Executive Officer, Pearl Academy and a full-time mom. From being a faculty to heading corporate relations & marketing departments, Nandita has driven multiple initiatives and has championed pedagogy enhancement and student learning initiatives with a keen focus that her job at the academy demands.

An inspiring mentor for her students, her role at work revolves around encouraging young minds to excel in the field of fashion. Her role at home revolves around inspiring her children to be thoughtful and respectful people. Read on to find out how she does it all.

What’s your secret to being a super achiever and a super mom?

I’m not sure I’m a super mom – you’d have to ask my kids. But I have a great time being a mother – wouldn’t exchange it for anything. I think it’s important to have fun being who you are – at work and with your kids.

What’s also important is to have Super Kids. Enjoy their achievements and allow them to enjoy yours! Give them space and teach them that you need yours.

One beauty tip that you got from your mother, that you swear by?

Keep your make-up basic and always believe in the world.

Can a mother be a great working professional?

A mother has ownership, determination, compassion and a sense of wonder. She’s an expert negotiator, solves problems and gives her team more than she keeps for herself. Isn’t that the right recipe for a great working professional?

Can a working professional be a great mom?

Most great professionals are great moms. And we have to teach the others that they can do the same. A working mother contributes so much to her children. She keeps growing, expands her horizons and brings possibility, learning and resilience to the lives of her children.

What’s your current favorite fashion trend?

Nothing compares to a great sari. The best saris are your mother’s and grandmother’s! It’s like wearing history. I also love the experimentation that’s happening with shirt blouses and crop tops – bringing together the smart and professional with the traditional.


Top 3 Saris, Available on Stage3

Striped Sari
Fuchsia Sari with Crop-Top
Lime Banarasi Silk Sari with a Crop-Top

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