Moms in Fashion: Nitya Bajaj

Meet Nitya Bajaj, Creative Head of @labelnityabajaj, who is known for her statement evening wear design pieces that are a perfect blend of luxury and femininity. This powerhouse of creativity is a mom of two, a full-time fashion designer and a female entrepreneur of the most sought after label that has in a short span of time received tremendous recognition within the fashion industry! We admire this super-talented mom for all that she’s achieved at such a young age. Get to know how she achieves the perfect work-life balance here.

What’s your secret to being a super achiever and a super mom?

After entering motherhood, I try to strike a healthy balance between work and my children. Perseverance, hard work & dedication can make you achieve your goals. Luckily, these are also my strengths.

One beauty tip/ fashion tip that you got from your mother, that you swear by?

My mom is the most beautiful woman I know! She is a believer of naturopathy. She swears by natural extracts of plants and fruits to be used for skin and hair. And I have learnt that from her too and would love to pass it on to my daughter. We love our Aloe Vera! It’s our solution for everything.

Which woman do you look up to who you feel does a great job balancing home and work?

Not to sound cliché on Mother’s Day, but I would give that to my mom. She is effortless in multi-tasking, balances work and home beautifully and is blessed with brilliant time management skills.

What’s your current favorite fashion trend?

I love the trend of ruffles running strong currently. You will find it as an important design detail in our Equine Collection/ Summer 2017 as well. It’s fun, flirty and feminine, and just perfect for the summer!

A tip(s) you’d like to share with upcoming talent in the fashion industry?

Follow your heart.

Don’t blindly follow what everyone is doing… believe in what you love and what you want to give to the world.

Tell people what you wish to see them in, not what they wish to see themselves in!


Top 3 Picks From Nitya Bajaj’s Collection on Stage3

Nude and Gold Dress with Sequins
Red Zari Lehenga
Peach Lehenga

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