Moms in Fashion: Nriti Shah

Meet Nriti Shah, an elegant and beautiful fashion blogger and a mom-to-be, who can give you five different and exciting ways to style a regular pair of blue jeans or a white shirt. Fashion comes easy to her, all thanks to her mom, who was a fashion designer herself. 

Nothing can stop this fashion diva, who can currently be seen sharing great styling advice with other pregnant women on her Instagram account. From dresses with a slight ruffle detail to blocked dresses that can camouflage bulges & bumps around the tummy area, and even the recipe for a delicious and healthy pregnancy glow smoothie. Read on to know more about her.

Nriti Shah in a Manish Malhotra outfit, available on Stage3

One beauty tip/ fashion tip that you got from your mother, that you swear by?

Beauty would be oiling my hair. Fashion would be to trust my instincts.

With your fashion blogging and now a baby on the way, how have you achieved a work-life balance?

Pregnancy has given me a new perspective and I’m now sharing styling tips with other moms-to-be on my Instagram and the feedback I receive, keeps me going.

Which woman do you look up to who you feel does a great job balancing home and work?

My mum, Neelam Shah. I have two other siblings and she’s raised the three of us amazingly, even though she worked full-time as a fashion designer. She always gave us great advice and shared amazing fashion tips.

What’s your current favorite fashion trend?

Right now, I’m loving flared pants or jeans. I feel they’re a fun take on regular pants.

A tip you’d like to share with upcoming fashion bloggers?

This field is very competitive so you have to be really persistent and a go-getter.


Nriti’s Top 3 Picks From Stage3’s Collection

Short Orange Georgette Flowy Dress
Black Asymmetrical Anarkali
Coral Tube Anarkali with a Cape

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