Moms in Fashion: Rina Dhaka

Meet Rina Dhaka, an iconic fashion designer and a full-time mom to two sons, Kaith and Jai, 20 and 18 years old. Switching between fashion shows and PTAs wasn’t always easy for her, but constant support from her husband and mum helped her sail through it all.

With a career spanning over three decades, she has dressed both Indian and international celebrities, and retails globally from New York to Delhi. She has won numerous accolades and is a recipient of the Yuva Ratna award. Find out more about her journey as a mom and an inspiring fashion designer.

What’s your secret to being a super achiever and a super mom?

I would have loved to be just a mom. I felt haphazard with preparing for fashion shows, PTAs and sending my kids off to school. But I feel I’ve been very lucky to have had a lot of support; my husband was very good as a father and my mom also helped out a lot when my children were younger.

One beauty tip/ fashion tip that you got from your mother, that you swear by?

My mom is a beauty. And a beauty tip from her would be sleep and she loves fresh air. She always encouraged me to go out and get some fresh air.

Which woman do you look up to who you feel does a great job balancing home and work?

Shobha De, who I feel does a good job balancing work and family.

What’s your current favorite fashion trend?

Right now, I’m loving the leg-wear – trousers, dhotis and ruffle pants.

A tip you’d like to share with upcoming talent in the fashion industry?

I would tell them to pick up the basics of fashion and know all about behind-the-scenes work before they start working in this field.


Top 3 Picks From Rina Dhaka’s Collection on Stage3

Fuchsia Lehenga Sari
Ivory Sari Gown
Embellished Black Dress

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