Moms in Fashion: Sharnamli Adhar

Meet Sharnamli Adhar, Co-Founder The Pink Post Inc and a full-time mom. This successful fashion expert got the greatest fashion advice from her own mom, ‘that one can carry off just about anything if you have a fit body and your mind positive’. Read on to find out more.

What’s your secret to being a super achiever and a super mom?

Family is the secret for anyone’s success & achievements and it’s true for me as well. A lot of credit goes to the kind of values that were instilled in me by my parents, who taught me balance and perseverance. The kind of support I’ve always got and am continuing to get from my family, is what I plan to imbibe in my journey as a mother towards my kids.

One beauty tip/ fashion tip that you got from your mother, that you swear by?

Feel good to look good. Mom often says that one can carry off just about anything if you have a fit body and your mind positive. So from a very young age I’ve been moulded to work out regularly, stay happy and eat right.

Which woman do you look up to who you feel does a great job balancing home and work?

Blake Lively. Her inner contentment & happiness is evident and contagious.

What’s your current favorite fashion trend?

It has to be single shoulder cutout dresses and shirts – that’s an effortless trend which can be incorporated in casual as well as formal wear with equal amount of ease!

A tip you’d like to share with upcoming talent in the fashion industry?

You get what you work for, not what you wish for! So turn your passion into your career no matter how small the idea & stay focused. Eventually all the pieces fit & everything falls into place.


Top 3 Single Shoulder Cutout Dresses, Available On Stage3

One Shoulder Neoprene Dress
Wine One Shoulder Dress


Black One Shoulder Dress With Chain Detailing

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