5 Different Ways Of Styling The Classic White Shirt

Classic, versatile, simple, oversized, buttoned to the neck or wrapped around the waist, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a classy white shirt in your closet. This fashion piece can be styled up for the day or night in many different ways.

White on White

There is something about an all white outfit that keeps everything elegant, yet chic. It is a timeless look you can never go wrong with.

With Indian Skirts

Whoever said one can’t team up a perfect white shirt with an Indian skirt was wrong. Pair up your evergreen white shirt with our skirt by Manish Arora for a boho look and stand out from the crowd.

Pink and Purple Crop-Top Lehenga, available on Stage3

With Denims

White shirts and denim go hand in hand. Pair your favorite white shirt with ripped jeans, a denim skirt or shorts for an instantly cool look. Also, a neutral color bag adds that extra bit of style.

With High Waist Shorts

Brighten up your white shirt by pairing it with a bold color or print. A white shirt balances out high waisted shorts. Be as daring as you like!

With Accessories

Accessorize the classic white shirt to uplift it and add a little sass with a belt, statement jewellery pieces, or add color with a handbag.

Pssst: If you wish to add statement accessories, such as a bright pair of shoes or a printed bag, make sure you keep the rest of your outfit neutral, for accessories to take the limelight.

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