Sustainable Fashion: The New Cool

Gone are those days when sustainable clothing was just for the environmentally friendly consumer. Green is the new black. It’s hip, fun and a modern must-have. Binge fashion is starting to be a thing of the past, replacing it with slow and conscientious fashion.

Still unsure? Start with these 5 simple tips! Happy World Environment Day.


No one expects you to compromise on style so instead of owning an outfit, how about you switch to renting an outfit. And not just any outfit, the latest and the most glamorous outfits that will make you feel like a celebrity. The upside is that you not only live a more sustainable lifestyle by recycling fashion, but also save a ton of money (and closet space!).

Yellow and Pink Floral Lehenga, available on Stage3


Instead of throwing away your old clothes, build good karma by donating your old clothes to charity. This way, you not only increase the lifecycle of a garment, but you also give someone else a chance to cherish some of your old favorites.

Buy Vintage

There’s something amazing about buying a piece of clothing with a story; an amazing history and a past that brings back that time and those people to life again. And by buying vintage clothing, you get a chance to re-live it in your own way.


Turns out, it takes nearly 2,700 liters of water to produce one t-shirt. So the next time you get bored of a t-shirt, instead of throwing it away, get creative and turn it into a cushion-cover or a kitchen rag. The planet will thank you for it.


A little wear and tear is no reason to get rid of your favorite garments. Breathe new life into them by not only mending them but also adding newer elements (sequins, buttons, delicate embroidery or a new patch of fabric) to it.

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