In Conversation With Gauri & Nainika

Feminine, glamorous and straight out of a fantasy, fashion designers Gauri & Nainika’s creations exude elegance and romance with a great sense of fun.

Worn and loved by many celebrities including Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Lisa Haydon and more, their brand has played a pivotal role in bringing about a change in the way Indian women view fashion. But wait, what do they love? Read on to find out!

1. What did you do with your first paycheck?

Gauri & Nainika: “Put it back in the business”

2. Three favorite international celebrities who you’d really like to dress?

Gauri:  “Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence and Madonna..”

Nainika: Cate Blanchett, Michelle Obama and Beyoncé.

Pink Cape Neoprene Dress by Gauri & Nainika, available on Stage3

3. How would you describe the label Gauri & Nainika in three words?

Gauri: Feminine, timeless and always beautiful.

Nainika: Elegant, glamorous and timeless.

4. One current fashion trend you love?

Gauri: Lace.

Nainika: Embroidered tulle.

Mint Green Neoprene Dress by Gauri & Nainika, available on Stage3

5. Favorite place to hang out in Delhi?

Gauri & Nainika: Home.

6. One thing you always carry in your hand-bag?

Gauri: Hand sanitizer.

Nainika: Credit card.

Zebra Print Statement Dress by Gauri & Nainika, available on Stage3

7. One supernatural ability you’d like to possess?

Gauri: To be able to fly.

Nainika: Time travel.

8. Sexiest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

Gauri: My evergreen backless black top.

Nainika: A royal blue backless velvet romper.

Blue Dress with a Butterfly Patch by Gauri & Nainika, available on Stage3

9. Which celebrity is your style inspiration?

Gauri: Audrey Hepburn.

Nainika: Cate Blanchett.

10. Which actor would you like to go on a date with?

Gauri: Chris Hemsworth.

Nainika: Richard Madden.

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