Brave The Monsoon Frizz With These Amazingly Cool Hairstyles

It’s about time you try to avoid any obstacles from achieving good hair. From the inevitability of sweat and frizziness, there’s no doubt the weather works against the hair in all circumstances. With bad hair comes bad mood for every woman! A good hairstyle definitely works well in completing and uplifting the look. Here are a few hairstyles that will help to withstand the climate.

Pinned Back

Ever thought simply pinning back the front layers of your hair could look this gorgeous? Well, it does wonders in highlighting the features on your face!

Sleek Fishtail

A fishtail braid is a summer saviour, whether it’s on frizzy, textured or stick-straight, freshly washed hair. Upgrade the style of your basic ponytail.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 4.40.10 PM

Twist and Turn

Just take a small section of hair from your part and twist it back away from your face, tucking or pinning it behind your ears. Leave the rest of the hair as is, or if you wish you could create those natural beach waves using a curling rod, to make it look more apt for the season.



Braids are a go-go hairstyle idea for when you need your hair up and out of the way. It’s an all time trend that can never go out of fashion!


Twisted Bun

A messy bun is always a to-do in the summer weather! Twist back the strands of hair on both the sides along your hairline, adding more hair while working your way backwards, to add an element of style while you’re in a hurry to go out. Wrap the two twists into an untidy bun and secure with pins. It’s bound to look disheveled, so don’t look for perfection.


Tousled Bob

To look and feel cool this summer, wave your bob with a few twists of the curling iron which will add an element of style to the already dishelved messy hair.


Top Knot 

The slightly messy texture of the bun softens the overall look. One should focus on smoothing flyaways around the hairline and at the base, but not so much on the bun itself.


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