Keep Calm, Get A Personal Stylist

How many mornings have you woken up, gone to your cupboard, and crumpled up on a heap on the floor whimpering that yet again you have absolutely nothing to wear?

I have. Multiple times. And much to my husband’s dismay.

That is until I met a stylist (aka my fashion guru), who pretty much saved my life. So we decided that to try to save everyone: we are offering free personal styling to all our favourite ladies! Why you ask?

Save Time
We think that you are far too pretty to have to wander around in the heat looking for clothes.We will help you find exactly what you are looking for without you ever having to leave the house!

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Master the Mix
Mix it. Shake it. Split it. Wear it.
If you are travelling, and short on space, we’ll show you how to style 1 look in many different ways.

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From Work to Weekend
We know you’re popular, and many times have to rush from work to a party. Our fashion fairies are experts at going from day to drink!

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Fashion Anxiety
Have a date? Wedding? Or any event that requires you putting on a bra and leaving the house? Don’t stress. We’ll help you solve all your fashion dramas.

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Fashion Sounding Board
BFF MIA? Need some fashion advice and have no one to ask? Call us. We’re always here for you.

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Give us a call on 09871762729 to set up your appointment now! (Mumbai & Delhi NCR Only)