Trend Alert: How to Mix and Match Patterns

Patterns are big this season. Whether its tribal, floral or stripes – this summer it’s all about keeping and looking busy. So let’s take it one step further and mix it up!

The print clash fashion trend is probably the easiest trend of the season to replicate. It also happens to be incredibly budget friendly, as I’m sure that most you have hoards of old printed separates crowding your closet. The trick with patterns though is to make sure that you look more like Shahpur Jat and less like Sarojni Nagar threw up on you!

Monochrome Maestro
Picking a colour palette is key when mixing prints. Too many colours spread between different prints can drown you out and make it look like it’s the trend wearing you rather than the other way around. Whether its all black and white, shades of the same colour or even pastels, mixing similar coloured patterns will keep you looking like you but on trend – like this lime green Banarsi silk sari by Raw Mango with a Navy and lime checked blouse.

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Break it up
Mixing too many prints can have the disastrous effect of making you look chunky and short. This is especially true for those of us who aren’t blessed with model like proportions. To balance out the print clashing, and add an element of relief, try to combine the prints with something plain like a blazer, or a dupatta like Sabyasachi has done in his floral printed lehenga with striped crop top. By also sticking to a colour palette he has created a look that is fashion forward yet flattering.

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“Yoo hoo?! Are you in there?!”
A trend stops being a trend when you can’t see the person wearing the clothes. It’s just stupid. So whichever combination of prints and patterns you decide to go along with, remember to balance – particularly if you are a fan of the bold, in-your-face, totally-awesome-but-super-hard-to-carry-off prints. The solution: balance. Pair a large print with a smaller one, and see how your look turns from crazy to chic. We love how Payal Singhal has paired the oversized paisley print with a simple geometric one – completely elevating the standard palazzo pants and cropped jacket look to a new level.

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So go on, don’t be a plain Jane, Mix it. Match it. Smash it.

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