How To: Dress Your Bump

They told you that it’s great to get married young. They told you that you didn’t want to be the last of your friends still single. But what they didn’t tell you was that by the time the rest of your friends get married, you will most likely be pregnant and/or figuring how to lose some of that stubborn baby weight.

Of course, most of your family and friends are telling you not to waste money on buying maternity clothes with their been-there-done-that “but you’ll outgrow it soon” voice, leaving you staring dismayingly at your wardrobe of much too small clothing wondering a) how to survive the weddings looking like a balloon, and b) how to avoid all those photographers – BFF be damned!

The thing is, you know it’s ridiculous to buy a whole new wardrobe when you’re pregnant, not only are clothes expensive, but with your ever expanding bump, nothing is sure to fit you for more than a month. And don’t even bother with the “I’ll wear it the next time I’m preggers”, cos we all know you wont. And seriously, does anyone really have enough space for another anarkali when you are trying to make space for a baby. Who knew something so little needed so much stuff?!

But  responsibility and style had to be juxtaposed! Don’t buy for a month, rent for a week (or less!) – we’ve got a massive range of clothes that are perfect for that budding bump every step of the way.


Awash with morning sickness and trying to keep your pregnancy under wraps until the 12 week mark? We’ve pulled together our favourite hide-the-bump looks to keep you looking fabulous so all you have to do is come up with a convincing reason to not drink!

Ridhi Mehra’s peach chiffon lehenga is perfect for concealing that barely there bump. The delicate embroidery of the blouse draws attention away from the tummy, and the peplum detailing at the waist will camouflage even the slightest hint of a bump. Wear it with light makeup in complimentary tones, and some elegant jewelry.

Untitled design-2

The easiest way to hide a bump is to wear clothing that mimics its shape. Take this ivory embroidered jacket and gold dhoti pants look by Ridhima Bhasin. The embroidery at the waist and the natural shape of the jacket will hide all traces of a little bulge. Have some fun with your hair, try a funky fishtail braid or a cool up-do and some antique styled earings.


Prefer a look that’s more traditional? Then try this peach embroidered kurta and dhoti look by Payal Singal. The crystal detailing around the neckline will draw attention away from your waist, and the loose cut of the kurta will shield your bump from even the most prying eyes.


Stay tuned as we tackle the second trimester later this week…

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