Top 10: Wardrobe Dramas

Top 10 Wardrobe Dramas every girl has before going to a destination wedding:

1) Suit yourself!
What if I bring the wrong clothes? Chilled? Bling? Fusion? I don’t wanna be the odd one out!

IMG_0749 2

2) Save Your Sole
What shoes will I need? Heels? Flats? Wedges? Aargh! Why can’t you spell it out.

IMG_1863 2

3) Hail No!
What will the weather be like? Do I need a shawl? A coat? Um.. will it ruin my outfit?!

IMG_0753 2

4) We’re hair for you
Are there hair dressers? How will I tame this unruly mess! Frizzy girls unite!!

IMG_0490 2

5) Ex-crease Me!
So maybe I didn’t pack like my mama told me!

IMG_0899 2

6) Sari It Fell!
How will I tie my sari? No body needs 6 yards! Stupid safety pins.

IMG_0755 2

7) Weight For Me!
Uh oh.. this suitcase must have shrunk!

IMG_0901 2

8) Frock Off!
Oooo-Emm-Geeee… when someone else at the wedding is wearing the Exact. Same. Thing. {mortified}


9) Just the weigh you are
Oops – those holiday pounds may have appeared a few days early and you didn’t bring a back-up!

IMG_0751 2

10) Emotional Baggage
When your suitcase seems to have had different travel plans.. and ended up in another city.


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