How to survive a Monsoon Wedding

Its time to shake the dust off those dancing shoes because after a short hiatus, wedding season is back! The only challenge this time, is that with monsoons in full force, looking wedding ready rather than windswept can be quite a challenge!

Rain = Soggy Bottoms
The long and the short of it, is quite literally the long and the short of it. Monsoon = rain, Rain = water, Water = soaked and soggy clothes, particularly the bottoms turning your otherwise sensational lehenga into a glorified mop! Our solution: don’t be boring with a churidhar, try a cropped lehenga skirt like this Moroccan influenced cropped lehenga and top by Veda Raheja instead. Just grazing your ankles, the skirt is long enough to be conservative and traditional but short enough to save you from having a soggy bottom.


Rain = 50 Shades of Grey
With the clouds constantly hanging around urban India begins to look 50 shades of grey more than anything else. Bring a little life back and banish the doom and gloom with a colorful outfit. Love pink? Then change it up this summer and wear fuchsia or magenta rather than baby pink. We love this concept sari by Papa Don’t Preach: the bright and bold print will lift even the gloomiest of days.


Rain = The Ick Factor
Yup – it’s back, that icky sticky feeling. One that not even the blowdrys, serums and treatments can help as hair gains a life of its on as it begins to curl and twist, and stand on its ends, creating a fine halo of frizz on the hair – delightful. The ick factor also applies to clothes – when suddenly everything feels too small and constricting, and all you want to do is walk around in a kaftan all day. Keep your looks as simple and fuss-free as possible by limiting the number of overlapping layers. We love this gold anarkali by Ridhima Bhasin; with its attached dupatta you won’t need to fuss with the fabric and the frizz.


Rain = Mud
As much as I would love to keep my little tootsies dry and tucked up nicely in socks, Indian clothes, particularly festive clothes, don’t seem to work well with wellington boots – trust me, I’ve tried. And you certainly don’t want to be the person waddling around the party, sinking backwards in your stilettos into the muddy grass. Try picking a look that goes well with a pair of flats or wedges – like this Papa Don’t Preach beaded peplum top and dhoti skirt. If you don’t have the luxury of natural height, this outfit would look great with a pair of wedges, or alternatively, if you prefer to stay closer to the ground, wear it with your favorite juttis or kolhapuris.


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