Wedding Woes


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I’ll admit it: sometimes I wish I that was a boy. Life seems so easy by comparison: no monthly visits by Ms. Flo, a constant need to pluck and preen, hair, make up, skin issues… UGH! And then there are the clothes and shoes – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, some (ahem) would even call me ‘addicted’, although I prefer the word ‘collector’. And love as I might, there are definitely days when the thought of getting all dressed up fills me with dread and the ultimate “What should I wear?” crops up.

Boys have it so easy in comparison: pants – check, shirt – check, shoes – check. Wear, wash, repeat, and no one will ever know the difference. Not only do we have the multiple options of anarkali vs. sari vs. lehenga vs. ‘fusion’, but with each piece so unique, it’s impossible to repeat without getting the “I love what you are wearing!” followed by the all-knowing double-take of “Haven’t I seen her wearing that before?” – sadly in this case social media (except for maybe Snapchat) is definitely not our best friend!

Relatable? Then read on. Cos we feel your pain. So we’ve decided to save you the stress of what to wear this wedding season, and put together a list of looks that we think you would look fabulous in! So BFFs, Sisters, Cousins, Massis and Mums… stay tuned as we help you tackle you wedding woes.