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We’ve got a brand spanking new collection going live on the store soon! We’re super excited – weve got some kick-ass new designers coming on board, and of course, some new pieces by some of your favourites… stay tuned on our Instagram page @stage3social to find out more.

So for all of you who think that shoots are fun and glamorous, I’m about to burst your bubble. They are far from it. But its thanks to the models, photographers, and make up artists who manage to brush away all the flaws to give you picture perfection.

A day in the life of a Stage 3 shoot:

9:00 – Models, Stylist and Clothes arrive at the venue.

10:00(ish) – The rest of the team arrives after battling through Noida traffic

11:00 – hair and make up start – braids go wrong, curls fall flat and an air-conditioner stops working… melting make up alert!


12:00 – set issues… our white wall some how has a window! Oops!

12:25 – after a mad rush and a little reshuffling, or stage is set, and we are off! Look 1 done…


2:50 – 10 looks down.. 25 to go… its gonna be a looong day


3:30 – 17 shots done… half way through, and it’s finally PIZZA time…

4:00 – hair and make up change, and away we go again


7:00 – catalogue shots FINALLY done!

7:30 – Now its time for the campaign shoots… 7 in total… I think it’s time for chocolate, and beer….


9:00 – approximately 500 phoots , 43 outfit changes, , 7 set changes, 4 hair and make up changes and 2 models later and we are finally DONE!


What’s it all for you ask?

We’ve got a brand spanking new collection going live on the store soon! We’re super excited – weve got some kick-ass new designers coming on board, and of course, some new pieces by some of your favourites… stay tuned on our Instagram page @stage3social to find out more.

Wedding: The Ultimate Looks for the Perfect BFF!

Being a Bride’s BFF is no easy task. Not only do you have to deal with all those bridezilla moments, but you have to be up front and center when it comes to the dances, the mehendi, helping your BFF get ready, and making sure that you are the last one standing every night! Striking that chic yet comfortable vibe is key to surviving your BFF’s wedding in style.

Wedding Woes


WO read now

I’ll admit it: sometimes I wish I that was a boy. Life seems so easy by comparison: no monthly visits by Ms. Flo, a constant need to pluck and preen, hair, make up, skin issues… UGH! And then there are the clothes and shoes – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, some (ahem) would even call me ‘addicted’, although I prefer the word ‘collector’. And love as I might, there are definitely days when the thought of getting all dressed up fills me with dread and the ultimate “What should I wear?” crops up.

Boys have it so easy in comparison: pants – check, shirt – check, shoes – check. Wear, wash, repeat, and no one will ever know the difference. Not only do we have the multiple options of anarkali vs. sari vs. lehenga vs. ‘fusion’, but with each piece so unique, it’s impossible to repeat without getting the “I love what you are wearing!” followed by the all-knowing double-take of “Haven’t I seen her wearing that before?” – sadly in this case social media (except for maybe Snapchat) is definitely not our best friend!

Relatable? Then read on. Cos we feel your pain. So we’ve decided to save you the stress of what to wear this wedding season, and put together a list of looks that we think you would look fabulous in! So BFFs, Sisters, Cousins, Massis and Mums… stay tuned as we help you tackle you wedding woes.










Designer of the Month: Rina Dhaka

Stage3 sits down with Rina to try to get to know her better:

Rina Dhaka is one of India’s leading fashion designers. With a career spanning over three decades, she has dressed both Indian and international celebrities from Uma Thurman to Lara Dutta, and retails globally from New York to Delhi. She has won numerous accolades including Best Women Entrepreneur for the State of Delhi 2014, and is a recipient of the Yuva Rattan award.

Celebrity Fans: Malaika Arora Khan, Nimrat Kaur

Looks we love:

Untitled design-29
Red pleated gown with embroidered bodice



Untitled design-9
White and gold anarkali with sequinned bodice


Untitled design-18
White and gold sari gown with floral appliqué

To see more pieces by Rina Dhaka click here!

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How to survive a Monsoon Wedding

Its time to shake the dust off those dancing shoes because after a short hiatus, wedding season is back! The only challenge this time, is that with monsoons in full force, looking wedding ready rather than windswept can be quite a challenge!

Rain = Soggy Bottoms
The long and the short of it, is quite literally the long and the short of it. Monsoon = rain, Rain = water, Water = soaked and soggy clothes, particularly the bottoms turning your otherwise sensational lehenga into a glorified mop! Our solution: don’t be boring with a churidhar, try a cropped lehenga skirt like this Moroccan influenced cropped lehenga and top by Veda Raheja instead. Just grazing your ankles, the skirt is long enough to be conservative and traditional but short enough to save you from having a soggy bottom.


Rain = 50 Shades of Grey
With the clouds constantly hanging around urban India begins to look 50 shades of grey more than anything else. Bring a little life back and banish the doom and gloom with a colorful outfit. Love pink? Then change it up this summer and wear fuchsia or magenta rather than baby pink. We love this concept sari by Papa Don’t Preach: the bright and bold print will lift even the gloomiest of days.


Rain = The Ick Factor
Yup – it’s back, that icky sticky feeling. One that not even the blowdrys, serums and treatments can help as hair gains a life of its on as it begins to curl and twist, and stand on its ends, creating a fine halo of frizz on the hair – delightful. The ick factor also applies to clothes – when suddenly everything feels too small and constricting, and all you want to do is walk around in a kaftan all day. Keep your looks as simple and fuss-free as possible by limiting the number of overlapping layers. We love this gold anarkali by Ridhima Bhasin; with its attached dupatta you won’t need to fuss with the fabric and the frizz.


Rain = Mud
As much as I would love to keep my little tootsies dry and tucked up nicely in socks, Indian clothes, particularly festive clothes, don’t seem to work well with wellington boots – trust me, I’ve tried. And you certainly don’t want to be the person waddling around the party, sinking backwards in your stilettos into the muddy grass. Try picking a look that goes well with a pair of flats or wedges – like this Papa Don’t Preach beaded peplum top and dhoti skirt. If you don’t have the luxury of natural height, this outfit would look great with a pair of wedges, or alternatively, if you prefer to stay closer to the ground, wear it with your favorite juttis or kolhapuris.


Still sweltering? Check out our post on how to Beat the Heat!

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Trend Alert: Sequins

All that glitters is definitely gold this festive season, as sequins and bling project themselves (literally) onto the catwalk and into your closet.

Gone is the season of subtlety; of linen, cotton, and a neutral palette; and in struts eye-catching, Insta-worthy outfits.

When it comes to bling and shine, no one quite lights up a room like Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. With their indomitable sparkling personalities, this fabulous duo does high shine better than anyone.

Untitled design-4

Move over LBD, this season its all about the LSD (oh take a chill pill, we’re talking about the Little Sequined Dress!) This multi-textured sequin dress will keep you shining in a mellow sea of lace and crochet.

Hello happy shiny little disco ball!

Untitled design-14 copy

Stand out from the glitterati with this sequinned gown. That’s right – sequins no longer need to be restricted to the disco. The asymmetrical cut adds length to any figure, and the little circular back cut out adds a sneaky flash of elegance.

Untitled design-5

Days don’t need to be dull with this trend. Add a little sparkle and glam to your go-to everyday look with a sequin blazer. It will instantly elevate even the most casual look from day into night 

Shine away little superstar!

Top 10: Packing Tips!

Going on holiday for the hundredth time and still struggling to pack? Stress not. We’ve put together our Top 10 tips for packing to make sure the only excess baggage you have to deal with is on your waist!


Love it? Like it? Hate it? Tell us!

Featured image courtesy of


Keep Calm, Get A Personal Stylist

How many mornings have you woken up, gone to your cupboard, and crumpled up on a heap on the floor whimpering that yet again you have absolutely nothing to wear?

I have. Multiple times. And much to my husband’s dismay.

That is until I met a stylist (aka my fashion guru), who pretty much saved my life. So we decided that to try to save everyone: we are offering free personal styling to all our favourite ladies! Why you ask?

Save Time
We think that you are far too pretty to have to wander around in the heat looking for clothes.We will help you find exactly what you are looking for without you ever having to leave the house!

quotes format 1 copy

Master the Mix
Mix it. Shake it. Split it. Wear it.
If you are travelling, and short on space, we’ll show you how to style 1 look in many different ways.

quotes format 2 copy

From Work to Weekend
We know you’re popular, and many times have to rush from work to a party. Our fashion fairies are experts at going from day to drink!

quotes o5 copy

Fashion Anxiety
Have a date? Wedding? Or any event that requires you putting on a bra and leaving the house? Don’t stress. We’ll help you solve all your fashion dramas.

quoteso3 copy

Fashion Sounding Board
BFF MIA? Need some fashion advice and have no one to ask? Call us. We’re always here for you.

quoteso4 copy

Give us a call on 09871762729 to set up your appointment now! (Mumbai & Delhi NCR Only)


Singapore Sling: Our Singapore Travel Guide

As the mercury continues to rise, and rise, and rise, the convenience of Asia’s little red dot: Singapore, draws countless tourists to each door step each year. With towering sky scrapers set next to ancient temples, and enormous malls back-to-back with market stalls, this tiny little country will keep you coming back time and time again. Don’t let this tiny country fool you though, what it lacks in geographical size, it makes up for in its fashion quotient, so don’t play play!

For you tai tai ladies who want to lunch and shop on Singapore’s trendy Orchard Road Payal Singal’s asymmetrical jacket with printed palazzo pants will help you fit right in. Its bold geometric printed jacket is perfectly on trend with wide palazzo pants. Wear it with a pair of sandals, a OTT sunglasses and simple make up to channel the I-don’t-want-to-look-like-I-made-an-effort-but-I-secretly-did to perfection.

Untitled design-26

If you just want to kick back with a little R&R, then Sentosa Island has it all. From Underwater World with its 83m long underwater tunnel, picnics on the Beach, playing the slots at the casino or having lunch on the golf course this little island has it all. Much like this Ridhi Mehra black and white jumpsuit – the perfect look that can take you effortlessly from breakfast to bar. Wear it with little/no make up and a pair of white trainers for the day; a pair of sandals and some killer sunglasses at lunch; or some sky high sandals, bright lipstick and oodles of bling to help you rock it at the club. This look is so shiok!

Untitled design-27

If a country is cool enough to have a cocktail named after it, then you know that it is bound to have some awesome bars, and in Singapore’s case, some insanely high roof top bars. Whether you a sipping Singapore Sling’s at 1-Altitude or Mai-Tais at Ce La Vie this white and silver mini dress by Rohit and Rahul will keep you on point. Wear it with some sky-scraper high heels and simple jewelry and get ready to paint the town red. “What are you waiting for lah?”

Untitled design-28

Our Singlish guide to Singapore:
“Don’t Play Play”: Don’t mess around
“tai tai”: Singaporean slang for ‘ladies who lunch’
“Lah”: Used at the end of sentences for emphasis
“Shiok”: Used to express a huge/extreme sense of enjoyment

Galle Me Maybe: Our Sri Lanka Travel Guide

For a little sunshine, idyllic beaches, tea plantations, scrumptious food… oh the list just goes on and on and on.. there can only be one island in the sun: Sri Lanka. I still find it astounding that such a little island can offer so many wondrous activities. Whether its whale watching, scuba diving or golf, Sri Lanka is literally a hop, skip and a jump away.

Of course every perfect tropical holiday destination needs a perfectly tropical wardrobe to match!

Cruising around Colombo
Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo, is a beautiful tranquil city situated on the west side of the island. Famous for its colonial architecture, semi-precious jewelry shops on Galle road, and of course its delicious seafood, it’s a great stop off point when entering or leaving the island. For the perfect urban island vibe we love Sabyasachi’s red floral printed jumpsuit: dress it up with a high pony tail and a pop of red lipstick, or wear it with natural hair, natural make up and and a pair of sandals – it’s perfect for a night on the town.

Our must do’s are:

  1. Jewellery Shopping on Galle Road
  2. Bathing the elephants at Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage
  3. Cracking crab at Ministry of Crab

Untitled design-25

Holidaying around Hikkaduwa
Hikkaduwa is often referred to as Sri Lanka’s Hippy Capital. It’s reminiscent of Goa was, decades before it became over ran by tourists and India’s urban elite. Famous for surfing and snorkeling, it’s a beach lover’s paradise set less than 100km south of Colombo. Once devastated by the Tsunami, it has slowly rebuilt to become one of Sri Lanka’s must visit destinations. To channel our inner hippie we love Papa Don’t Preach’s tie-die draped concept sari – so versatile, you can wear it all together or mix and match to create countless different outfits. Wear the beaded top with some wide leg trousers, or tie the drape sari like a sarong and team it with a cropped white t-shirt. Either way, keep the look chilled with beach hair and lots of gold jewelry.

Our must do’s are:

  1. Snorkelling or Diving through the corals
  2. Visit the Tsunami Photo Museum
  3. Take some surf lessons

Untitled design-23

Gallivanting around Galle
Galle, famous for its European influenced architecture, sits on the southern most point of the island. Known for its cultured colonial calm, it is a sleepy coastal town jammed full of colonial history. Also devastated by the Tsunami, although thankfully the UNESCO heritage Galle Fort survived, this colorful seaside town is a paradise for history and beach lovers alike. We love Payal Singal’s floral printed lehenga skirt with a button down crop top for wandering around the dainty streets of galle. It’s easy to dress up and down, and even easier to mix and match with. Wear it with some flowers in your hair and some locally made semi-precious jewelry to infuse some of that laid back beach charm into your style.

Our must do’s are:

  1. Go Whale Watching
  2. Wander around Galle Fort & Flag Rock
  3. Chill on Unawatuna Beach

Untitled design-24

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